Sound Sculptor

Many opportunities exist to encourage local music.

Simplest of these is to go see live music, and buy whatever the band is selling.
CDs, digital downloads, records, t-shirts, stickers...
These all help to support the artist, and music in the community.

Perhaps you are in a situation to make a bigger difference in an artist's career?
Offer to pay for their time in the recording studio.
At a minimum, you get a recording that you can listen to at your leisure.
Might even offer you the title of Executive Producer.

Not your style?  Work with us to find the right artists to add to your portfolio.
Budgets of many bands prevent them from spending the
requisite time in the studio to take their music to the next level.
Step in as either as an angel or silent partner.

Storing unused equipment here, and allowing it to be used by others,
is another trivial investment opportunity.