Sound Sculptor
Centerpiece is a live room just under 400 square feet.  Double wall construction separates it from the atrium.  Double 1" thick thermopane glass panels allow visibility while attenuating sound transmissions.  Close to 6 tons of granite cover the floors of these rooms.  These floors have no flex, amazing how it tightens up the low end.  People say it looks pretty cool too, not bad for a first attempt at a mosaic.  Currently have 30 mic lines from the live room to the control room.  Hope to at least double that by summer (did we mention that we trade studio time for soldering?)

There's also a 40 square foot isolation booth, that's on it's way to becoming anechoic.  Still needs some work, and really not trying to get rid of all reflections - want to keep it inhabitable.
Upstairs there is a comfortable lounge and kitchenette.  Feel free to stock the fridge while you work here, there is a microwave, toaster oven, and flatop grill.  There is a high definition tv up there, but don't yet have cable, so bring your own movies or stream when bandwidth permits.  There's over 30 tie-line up here too.
Control Room
As for the control room.... started wiring equipment together and realized that this would soon be a supercomputer.  On paper it is many individual pieces, but is slowly becoming an integrated system.  While some studios might tout their quad, or eight-core system - we recently surpassed 100 processors, and figure to be close to the 200 mark by the time everything is interconnected.

Currently, the head-end of the system is a Sony DMX-R100 digital mixer, which feeds and returns 24 digital and 8 analog channels to a ProTools HD3 system running version 7.4.  Control of the system is accomplished through a 24 channel ProControl with Edit Pack that is shared amongst the computers, as well as a touchscreen that simplifies onscreen control and a matrix of keyboards and various mice, trackball, touchpad, and footpedals.  

Processing takes place inside the workstations with plugins from Waves, McDsp, Sonnox, Eventide, Focusrite, InaGrm, Tc Electronic, AudioEase, Drawmer, Etc, Significant outboard equipment includes reverbs from Lexicon, TC Electronic, Sony, Roland, & Yamaha.

Monitoring is accomplished through a pair of Genelec S30D digital ribbon monitors, a Bag End 18” Subwoofer, and 8 Infinity SS2003 which can be be variously arrayed in Quad, LCRS, 5.1 surround, or in custom formats. Dolby and DTS encoding is available.